Fundamental concepts of calculus-Integrals

Integrals of polynomials

The formula to solve an integral is as follows. Frirst we take the exponent and we add it by one. We also take our function and devide it by the exponent plus one.

Definite integrals

We solve definite integrals by first taking the integral of the function. We then plug in both values of the function and then we subtract them to get our final answer.

Integrals of trig functions

Integrals of exponents

When we want to find the integral of an exponent, we divide the whole function by n

Integrals' of natural logarithms


Integration by parts

Some integrals cant be integrated as they are, or are too difficult. This formula helps you re rite the integral in a way that we can solve.

Multiple integrals

The key to multiple integrals is to solve them one at time following your PEMDAS rules.



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