Basic blacksmithing and metal working for fabricating home made quantum computers

casting molding and smelting

For our purposes we will be mostly casting parts as apposed to forging. In order to make our components we must first select the metal we are going to smelt so that we can meet all conditions specific to that metal to avoid weaknesses or impurities during the casting process. . We cast our component by making a mold of our component inside a flask. A flask is used to hold sand molded into the shape of our component. The best way to make the component on a budget is to shape the component out of wood then make a mold from the wood component.


Milling machines take in code from an operator and slowly mill away at a part using trigonometry, calculus and geometry to cut with precision. Typically the part sits in a stationary position on the machine and the machine works around the part or rotates the parts orientation using the table.

CNC lathes work by fastening an object to the lathe and rotating it at incredible speeds so that we can then apply a blade that cuts away at our material as the material spins.

How to make a milling machine on or a lathe on a budget

Milling machine tables can be purchased for under $100 dollars and are simple to build from scratch if you want to save even more. Once you have a table You can fasten the table underneath a drill press and you have yourself a make shift milling machine. You can also build a home CNC lathe using similar techniques .

MIG welding

MIG welding is a process which we join two metals using an electrically conducted wire , heating up the atoms and fusing the materials together. In MIG welding our wire is fed through a lead and enveloped in an inert gas called argon .

TIG welding

TIG welding works fundamentally like MIG welding accept we hold the metal rod in one hand and our torch in the other. Also with MIG welding we heat our wire electrically but with MIG welding we heat our metal with an open flame.



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